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Sneak A Peek Inside Bubala playground, MD

Myself and my family had the pleasure of visiting Bubala playground a few weeks ago for a 5 year old birthday. I have always wanted to take our kids there but was always skeptical. It looked quite small in pictures when compared to reality. It was such a fun play place for our kids that they did not want to stop even for cake lol.

Bubala is one of my favorite indoor play places for kids and it’s created for children all the way up to 7 years old. This indoor playground is super fun with lots of activities for a variety of ages to inspire kids to build their independence skills while also having fun.

Currently, they have locations in Pikesville and Sykesville, we went to the Sykeville location which was about 50minutes from us but totally worth the drive. There was also a lot of parking spaces which was important for me especially with 3 kids.

As far as prices go, it’s really affordable and they have a variety of special rates if you go frequently.

Bubala playground Prices

One child: $13

Two siblings: $11 each

Three siblings $9 each

10 or more kids $9 each


Pikesville and Sykesville

Play times

Monday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

Adults are free! Babies are welcomed as long they stay close to parent. All who enter the playground area must have on socks! 

Birthday packages and specials are also available.

What you get at Bubala playground

Ball pit

This indoor playground has a huge ball pit section with a slide and a foam climbing part of it. My kids enjoyed climbing up the stairs or the foam part and then sliding down into the ball pit and pretending they were swimming. I loved that it was super large and really full of balls.

I have been to some play areas that are lacking in the amount of balls in the ball pit. It was also great to have a foam climbing section which added some more variety to it, not only could the kids play in the ball pit, they could also climb the stairs or climb the foam part and then slide back down into the ball pit.

bubala playgorund ball pit

Trampoline mat

The kids and I loved the trampoline section, especially when I carried the little ones and bounced with them. My kids loved that they could jump from one circle of the trampoline to the next.

Need an indoor kid friendly location to take your kids to hang out and play during the cold weather?


There are slides connected to the ball pit section tunnels. I especially loved going into this one lol. One thing that sucked with it though was the tunnel has a steep section which could be hard for little kids to climb over in order to get to the slide part.

My twins were about 23 months when we went and so they had a hard time climbing it. Myself or my husband always had to go there to give them a push over it.

Need an indoor kid friendly location to take your kids to hang out and play during the cold weather?

Little kids section

They also have a section that appears to be for smaller kids which was great. It had two slides, one that lights up and thus fascinated my kids. The second one is attached to something for the kids to climb inside as shown in picture below. This section also had some play things like carousels to spin or move around for little kids.

Need an indoor kid friendly location to take your kids to hang out and play during the cold weather?
Need an indoor kid friendly location to take your kids to hang out and play during the cold weather?

Birthday parties

Their packages are really decent. At the birthday party we went for, we got an hour of play time and then an hour for pizza and cake. I thought this was good enough time especially the cake and pizza time. Although they also offer extra time for a fee which is great because my kids would have loved to keep playing for a lot longer if we let them.

Sitting area

It was great to see that they have a sitting area for parents to sit and watch their kids.

I am definitely looking forward to going back here again especially since its perfect for the cold or rainy days when we cannot go outside. I also loved that it was not too small or too big and thus a perfect size for the kids to have fun while the parents do not have to go crazy searching for them.

Overall, it is a great place for toddlers to run free and play in a safe environment. If you are yet to visit this kids space, you need to check it out!

Have you been Bubala playground in Maryland? What was your experience like? Comment below!

Looking for an Indoor kid friendly play space in Baltimore, Maryland? Check out Bubala playground with your kids

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