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10 Great Places To Go Cherry Picking in Maryland (2023)

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Pick-your-own fruit farms are so much fun, especially when you take your children. Grabbing fresh fruit straight from the farm is not only grounding but a great way to teach your kids about being healthy. Here are some of the best places to go cherry-picking in Maryland with your kids!

There are a ton of things you can do with the cherries after picking, you can eat them raw, freeze them, make jam out of them, bake them and so much more.


Best Places To Go Cherry Picking in Maryland

In a lot of these farms, you can also enjoy a ton of u-pick adventures. You can pick your own apples, local produce, and more. Some of them even have farmers market where visitors can enjoy baked goods, great tasting pies, groceries and more.

1.  Homestead Farm

First on our list of cherry picking in Maryland is the Homestead Farm which is one of the best you-pick farms with various delicious fruit. This farm has tart cherries that are available in mid-June and go pretty fast. Once they are ripe, they will usually be all gone within a week or two. This farm accepts both cash and cards to ensure you can get all the fresh fruit your family wants!

2.  Butler’s Farm

At Butler’s Farm, you will also find some tart cherries that will be available in June. Be sure to call ahead before you head to the farm to confirm that the cherries are ripe and ready to be picked! In June, you will also find strawberries, blueberries, and black raspberries here. You can visit this farm in Germantown, Maryland.

When you leave the farm, they also have a market where you can buy some fresh produce, baked goods and more

Butler’s Orchard is also home to the Bunnyland festival where families can enjoy the hayrides, egg hunt etc. In addition, you can pick Blackberries, Raspberries, Flowers, Herbs, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Dig Your Own Potatoes.

If you love strawberries, Butler’s orchard is one of our favorite places to go strawberry picking in Maryland.

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3.  Baugher’s Farm

You’ll find both sweet and sour cherries at Baugher’s Farm, located in Westminster. Sweet cherries are usually available in early June, while the sour cherries are ripe at the end of June. They have a special pick-your-own hotline to call before heading to the farm to ensure the fruit is ready to go.

This is one of the best places for cherry picking in Maryland because they have a fun wagon ride out to the fields. Your child will love this part of the adventure!

Be sure to check out the annual Fall Harvest Festival, every weekend in October, which is an awesome experience full of family farm fun.

Another great stop to make is to the petting zoo where you can feed some of the farm animals. If your kids get tired of the animals, they can play at the 2 available playground sets. Here is a list of some other petting zoos in Maryland you can head to.

Baugher’s Farm also has a pumpkin patch an is a perfect place to go pumpkin picking in Maryland.

4.  Larriland Farm

Larriland Farm will have tart cherries from mid-June to -mid-July and is located in Woodbine, Maryland. Depending on how bad the spring frost is, they might have a smaller crop. When the frost is extreme, it will kill all the blossoms, and there will be no crop! There is also a nice picnic area here to enjoy with your kids.

Larriland offers hayrides during the day on Saturdays and Sundays in late September and October, they also offer a pumpkin hayride on weekdays in October.

picking cherries in maryland

5.  Milburn Orchards

Another great spot for some delicious cherry picking in Maryland is Milburn Orchards. This farm provides the containers, so you won’t need to bring your own. They do have minimum requirements depending on how many kids you bring over ten years old, but their prices are very reasonable! You will also find peaches, blueberries, red raspberries, blackberries, and more here that you can pick!

They do require online reservations for ages 10+.

Check out some other kid friendly farms in Maryland.

6.  Shaw Orchards

Shaw Orchards is one of the best places to go cherry picking in Maryland! They offer a variety of cherries to enjoy, including rainier and bing cherries. Their website keeps you up to date on how the cherries look after the spring frost and offers more precise dates on when the cherries will be ready to pick. This season will begin in mid-June and end the first week in July.

They have been producing fresh fruits and vegetables for 111 years and open for pick-your-own strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, cherries, blueberries, and apples.

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7.  Catoctin Mountain Orchard

At Catoctin Mountain Orchard, you will find both tart pie cherries and dark sweet cherries. These seasons usually start late June to early July. This farm only accepts cash and does not allow for any outside containers but there is an ATM on site if you need it.

A bag will be provided for you during check-in to grab your cherries. Be sure to call ahead to make sure there are still cherries to pick on the day you want to go with your children.

8.  Pryor’s Orchard

You can get some tasty sweet cherries and semi-sweet Montmorency cherries from Pryor’s Orchard. The sweet cherries are typically ready between June 20th to July 10th. The semi-sweet Montmorency cherries are ready to be picked on July 4th. 

9.  Lohr’s Orchard

Lohr’s Orchard is another great pick-your-own farm for cherry picking in Maryland to take your kids during the early summer. This farm is located in Aberdeen, Maryland. If you are low on time but still want to grab cherries from the farm, they have a great farm market to order from instead! Make it a family tradition to go pick your own cherries here!

Lohr’s Orchard also has fresh pressed apple cider which has been family pressed at the orchard for over 50 years! The cider is offered in three different sizes (pint, 1/2-gallon, gallon).

Lohr’s Orchard is also a great place to go apple picking in Maryland.

10.        Rock Hill Orchard

Another great pick-your-own cherry orchard is Rock Hill Orchard. They offer tart cherries during June and July. Be sure to wear closed shoes and respect the farm when you go for the best family experience. If you have time, be sure to visit the farm for more fun outside with your kids!

This is also has one of the best corn mazes in Maryland.

When is Cherry Picking in Maryland Season? 

It all depends on the different varieties. Sweet cherries are usually ripe before sour cherries, but you can typically go to any u-pick farm and grab cherries between June and July.

cherry picking in maryland

What Should I Bring to Cherry Picking?

You definitely want to bring cash in case the farm doesn’t accept cards. Depending on the farm, you’ll also want to bring your own containers; however, some provide those for you. Wear closed-toe shoes and rain boots or raincoats, depending on the weather conditions. Bring sunscreen and hats too!

Tips for Pick-Your-Own Cherry Farms

●     Make sure to check if the farm charges by container or by the pound. You’ll want to know how much you are buying!

●     Ask for directions to find the best trees for cherry-picking. There are usually farmworkers in the field to help direct you if you want.

●     Learn how to pick the cherries at the farm, so you don’t hurt the trees.

●     Most local farms do not allow pets. Be sure to check before you bring your dog!

●     Be sure to check if the farm allows you to taste one or two while you pick, especially if you have young children with you that might be tempted to eat some while you pick.

●     Some farms do not allow strollers. Check ahead before you bring one, or leave it in the car to be safe!

●     Many local farms have email sign-up forms and will email you when certain fruits are ripe and ready to be picked. Sign up for a few close to you to help you remember to go!

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Conclusion: 10 Great Places To Go Cherry Picking in Maryland

These are just some of the best places to go cherry-picking in Maryland with your kids. If you enjoy this, be sure to go apple picking, strawberry picking, and all the other fruits you enjoy. Pick-your-own farms are the perfect summer outdoor activity for the entire family!

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