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25+ Best Petting Zoos and Farms in Maryland for kids (2023)

Looking for the best petting zoos in Maryland? You are in luck cause I live in Maryland and can help you out!

One fun activity to do with children all year round is to take them to Animal farms. Farms and petting zoos are educational experiences and give kids hands-on experience learning about different animals and how to care for them. Many of these petting zoos and farms allow you to do some great summer/ fall activities like pumpkin picking, apple picking and strawberry picking as well.

Next time you need to get out of the house, try going to a petting zoo! Here are some of the best petting zoos and animals farms in Maryland for kids. 

petting zoos in Maryland

Petting zoos in Maryland for Kids

1.   Clark’s Elioak Farm

Clark’s Elioak Farm is one of Maryland’s best petting zoo farms. It is open from April to November and has so many fun activities for the entire family, including their petting zoo. You will find goats, donkeys, pigs, chickens, ducks, horses, rabbits, and just about any farm animal you can think of.

This farm truly has it all and is the best one to visit with kids. After the petting zoo, enjoy a pony ride or have fun in the enchanted forest.  It is a great place to go pumpkin picking and there are several play activities for kids such as slides, little homes, car rides etc.

The animal farm in Clark’s Elioak will open from April 1, 2023 to November 5, 2023

petting zoos in Maryland

2.   Green Meadows Petting Farm

At Green Meadows, you will find over 200 farm animals for your child to experience hands-on. With admissions, you have access to all the animals and activities. From hayrides to pig races and plenty of slides, your children will have a blast at this farm.

Included with your admission, your kids will be able to feed the animals too with the feed provided. This is a great opportunity for your child to have hands-on experience and learn how to feed various animals! Green Meadows Petting Farm is another one of the top favorite petting zoos and farms in Maryland.

This animal farm will reopen on March 25th, 2023.

3.   Marshall Creek Farms

Located in Newark, Maryland, Marshall Creek Farms has another great petting zoo for young children. They have chicken, rabbits, goats, sheep, alpacas, and so much more. This is the perfect spot for a field trip with your kids if you homeschool.

4.   Breezy Hill Alpacas

If you want to try a different farm adventure, head over to Breezy Hill Alpacas. You’ll get a one-hour tour of this farm which is full of beautiful alpacas! Your family will learn plenty of fun facts about these animals, along with tips on how to feed and take care of them. You’ll have the chance to meet, pet, feed, and take pictures with the alpacas during this tour.

Because it is a farm, you will also see other farm animals you can interact with. This unique farm would be a great place to visit one day when you want to enjoy the outdoors with your kids while in Maryland.

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petting zoos in Maryland

5.   South Mountain Creamery

South Mountain Creamery is not a petting zoo, but you can still interact with the animals! You can explore the farm to see just how they make milk, ice cream, and all their creamery offers.

There is also a tour that shows you the farm more in-depth, including the maternity ward, milking barn, and other farm areas. Your children can also feed the calves! This is another farm with lots of exciting adventures and will show your kids a different side of farming.

6.   Homestead Farm

Homestead Farm is mainly a pick-your-own farm, but they also have animals you can visit while you enjoy the farm and fresh produce. For only $2 per person for admissions, this is a great budget-friendly animal farm you can explore with your children.

7.   Butler’s Orchard

Another fun farm for kids to enjoy is Butler’s Orchard. Their farm park includes the traditional farm animals, and many more exciting activities kids will love. You will find a tractor slide, pedal tractors, giant slides, and a playground. This will be an adventure your children won’t forget!

Butler’s Orchard is located in Germantown, Maryland, and will open in March. This farm is 5-acres and is full of fun things to do. During August, you can also enjoy walking through a sunflower patch and taking pictures with your family. Kids can pick strawberries, apples, pumpkins and more here.

petting zoos in Maryland

8.   Park Overlook Farm

Park Overlook Farm is a bit different than the previous ones, as it is only for parties. If your child loves farm animals, have their birthday party right on the farm! You’ll get pony rides, crafts, activities, and, of course, the petting zoo. Sometimes they will even have kittens and puppies for adoption too!

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9. Bowles Farms

Located in Clements, Maryland, Bowles Farms is open in the Fall for a corn maze and pumpkin farm. But, they also have an area where you can interact and play with the animals.

Their barnyard is a fun place for kids to enjoy petting and loving on the animals. Afterward, enjoy the other activities and playgrounds at the farm. Kids will love riding on a barrel train or wagon around the farm and maze or jumping in the straw jump pit.

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10.  Catoctin Wildlife Preserve

This is not exactly a petting zoo, but it was worth mentioning. The Catoctin Wildlife Preserve is an exciting adventure for kids to explore zoo animals up close. This is a 50-acre park and is full of exotic wildlife. Many of these animals love getting close to humans and getting pictures.

This zoo offers a Safari Ride, which is an hour of fun riding in an open truck around the zoo. Animals will come up to the truck, and you can feed them and take pictures with them too! The Catoctin Wildlife Preserve is a great zoo to visit to see new animals but still have hands-on experiences.

11. Baugher’s Orchard

The Baugher’s Orchard has farm livestocks like lambs, rabbits, pigs, goats, donkey etc. This orchard also has two nice playground sets and a gazebo to make your visit extra nice with your kids.

This farm is open on the weekends all day long. You can pick various fruits like strawberries, apples, sweet cherries, sour cherries, pumpkins etc. While at Baugher’s, be sure to try the Wagon rides to the fields.

petting zoos in Maryland

12. Shlagel Farm

At Shlagel farm, you are able to pick strawberries, and also a pumpkin patch. They also have a milkshake trailer open on weekends to serve huge strawberry shortcakes, milkshakes and cones!

13. Kinder Farm Park

This is a really nice calm park to take your kids, they have a petting zoo with animals such as alpacas, chickens, cows, goats, pigs, rabbits, sheep and more. Best of all, Kinder Farm Park also has a nice playground section for your kids to have fun.

 14. Oxon Cove Park

At Oxon Cove Park, you and your kids can explore the farmyard to see the cows, pigs, horses, sheep, goats, and chickens.

15. Montpelier Farms

There is a ton to do at Montpelier Farms! Your kids will definitely have a blast. There is a corn maze here where they also do this fun flashlight activity in this Maryland corn maze at night. They have hayrides to see the whole farm. The petting zoo section has animals like alpacas, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, turkeys etc. for your kids to see and feed.

This farm even has these two huge tube slides and a few smaller ones too. You can race your way through the farm in their pedal karts. They also have other playgrounds that come with slides, wooden playsets, rope maze and more. If you are bored at the playground, head over to do some pumpkin bowling or play basketball. I could go on and on to the scavenger hunt, duck races and more that they have, but you gotta visit for yourself!

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Mobile petting zoos in Maryland

Mobile petting zoos are getting popular especially if your kid is an animal lover. You can rent them out for events or birthday parties. When you hire mobile petting zoos, your kids can cuddle and feed the animals with their friends up close! If you are looking and googling for great mobile petting zoo near me, look no further!

Here is a great list of mobile petting zoo rentals in Maryland.

16. Mary’s Go round petting zoo

Mary’s Go round petting zoo is family owned and has a ton of animals for your kids to cuddle and play with for their birthday parties or small events. They also offer pony rides for events which are sure to be a hit with your kids.

17. Squeals on wheels

Squeals on wheels is another amazing mobile petting zoo available to provide service at your events. They have animals like miniature horses, mini pigs, alpacas, goats, ducks and more.

18. Party Animals

Party Animals LLC serves the Eastern shore area of Maryland and Delaware. They have various packages for your events such as bunny parties, petting zoos, miniature horse rides, rides and more.

petting zoos in Maryland

19. Look pretty play dirty

Look Pretty Play Dirty Mobile Petting Farm is also family owned and operated. This petting farm has goats, sheep, mini cow, mini pigs, and sometimes even baby chicks and ducks.

20. D & D Pony rides

D &D Pony rides provides pony rides, petting zoos and inflatables for your events. Your kids can have a party of a lifetime playing with the animals and also jumping in the inflatables.

The Best Places to do Pony rides in Maryland

Pony rides can be the most amazing experiences at your special event especially for your kids.

21. Pony Rides By Donna

They have Ponies are available for a ton of events like Birthday Parties, Family
Gatherings, corporate company events, company picnic, church events, School Events, and all

22. D &D Pony rides

They provides pony rides, petting zoos and inflatables for your events. Your kids can have a party of a lifetime playing with the animals and also jumping in the inflatables.

23. Rock creek park horse center

Rock creek park horse center offers camps, trail rides, pony rides, and lessons for all first-time horse riders.

24. Mary’s Go round petting zoo

Mary’s Go round petting zoo also offers pony rides for events which are sure to be a hit with your kids.

25. A Good time amusement

This place brings their ponies to you and walks them for your guests. They also provide pony rides for birthday parties, corporate events, church events, school fairs, festivals and more! 

26. Fairwinds farms and stables

Fairwinds farms and stables has pony rides and can bring them to you as well or you can go to their location.

Tips for Going to a Petting Zoo in Maryland

Here are a few simple tips to help you and your family next time you head over to a petting zoo near you.

  • Wear comfortable shoes that can get dirty.
  • Bring your camera!
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen if you are going during the summer.
  • Prep your kids beforehand so they are prepared for what might happen.
  • Don’t force your child to feed or pet the animals if they are scared.
  • Be sure to check ahead with the farm you want to go to see if you need to reserve tickets in advance or if you can show up whenever.
  • Also, check if you need to use cash or cards during your visit.
  • Some farms will be open rain or shine, while others do not. Be sure to watch the forecast for the day you want to go!
petting zoos in Maryland

Frequently asked questions on the best petting farms in Maryland

How much is it to rent a mobile petting zoo?

Renting a mobile petting zoo depends on the size and type of petting zoo you are looking to rent. Generally, prices range from $200-$500 depending on the number of animals, duration of the rental, travel distance and other details such as set-up/tear down cost or additional services they offer like hand sanitizing stations.

Some petting zoos also additional activities such as pony rides, face painting, tattoos, craft and more that would drive up the cost for the event.

What do you call a petting zoo?

A petting zoo, also known as a “children’s zoo”, is an area where people can go to interact with and pet animals. Petting zoos typically include farm animals like goats, sheep, horses, and cows that are tame enough to be handled by visitors.

Why petting zoos are good?

Petting zoos are a fun and educational experience for kids. They get to be up close and personal with animals, learning about different species and how they interact with each other. Petting zoos also teach kids responsibility as they learn how to care for the animals properly. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Final thoughts on the Best petting farms in Maryland

Being around animals at the farm is a great way for kids to learn. For your next field trip or if you just want to do something fun with your child, head over to one of these petting zoos and farms in Maryland!

If you have a birthday party of your kid that loves animals, you could also get a mobile petting zoo rental to give your kid the best experience!

petting zoos in maryland

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