Kidz Jungle World: Fun Indoor playground in Randallstown, Md

I recently took my little ones to Kidz Jungle World and they had a great time. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the space as for some reason I didn’t expect it to be that big. The size can be compared to hyperkidz play space which we went to previously. They actually do kind of look alike too in terms of what they offer.

We went in the evening of a weekday so it was not crowded which was perfect because I get a bit stressed out when its an indoor jungle gym as it tends to be harder to keep your eyes on your kids. We walked into a decent sized section for shoes and personal belongings and then got checked in and signed waivers. Immediately the kids walked into Kidz jungle world and saw the space, they were yanking their shoes off and speeding away.

Here are a few of the sections in the Kidz Jungle World and then I will share what our favorite play things were.

Fun sections in the Kidz Jungle World jungle gym

Lil kids area

This area is for little kids ages 2-7 years and has a slide section where kids can slide into a ton of ball pits, a dance section and a ton of other fun play swings for kids. My son really enjoyed this area especially riding in the teacup like chairs and spinning around, he gave me an arm workout as I had to keep pushing the chair to spin.

Big kid area

This is where the kids had a blast. The big kids area has a ton of things to climb through or do.

Kiddie zone

This section is for kids ages 0-2 years and so is perfect for little crawlers. There are several soft play things to climb or crawl under. It also has some activities hanging on the nets for kids to play together, as you can see mine loved it.

Our favorite things at Kidz Jungle World

On the big kids section, they had this passageway where the kids had to hold the ropes to walk across. They loved that it was wobbly and made them fight to keep their balance, my son however did not find it fun.

kidz jungle world steps

There was this section that was like shooting darts but balls instead and so kids can move it around and try to aim to shoot the balls unto the dog bone image and get scores. They had several ones on each floor.

kidz jungle world

My kids absolutely love slides so if a space is missing slides, thats a huge downer, thankfully that was not the case here. There was a huge slide section and it was perfect because it had 4 slides so we were all able to slide down together several times.

kidz jungle world slide

Also in the big kid section, was something like a xylophone but kids could slide down on it. I do not remember coming across something like this at other jungle gyms and so it was a nice feature here.

kidz jungle world xylophone slide

The ball pit seems like every other ball pit at first glance, but the nice addition was the area where the balls are being moved up and down in a ball blower thing. It was fun to watch the kids put balls in, jump around as it moved and the grab the balls back and forth till they got tired.

kidz jungle world ball pit

Our final favorite feature at Kidz jungle world was this tunnel where kids could climb all the way from the bottom to the top and back again. I guess you could probably climb down too.

kidz jungle world tunnel

Overall, we would definitely recommend Kidz jungle world for your kids. Also check out some of our top indoor play places for kids in Maryland.

Things to know before you go

Location: 9635 Liberty rd, Randallstown, MD 21133.

Hours: Monday–Friday: 9am–8pm, Saturday: 9am- 8pm, Sunday: 10am-8pm.

They are also available for private parties.

Cost: Children 0-12 months are free with a paid sibling.

On Mondays through Thursdays, its $8.99 for children 0-12months without siblings and $11.99 for children over 12months.

On Fridays through Sundays and holidays, its $10.99 for children 0-12months without siblings and $14.99 for children over 12months.

Its Free for adults with child admission, max of 2 adults and $5 per additional adult.

Socks: Kidz Jungle World has a socks on policy, you can bring yours or buy some.

Parking: There is a ton of parking space at least in the evenings.

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