Looking for a fun Indoor playground in Maryland for kids? a kid friendly play area in Baltimore, Maryland? Check out Totsville Indoor Playground

Should you really visit Totsville Indoor playground?

It is one of my favorite indoor play areas in Maryland for kids. As a mom of three toddlers, I appreciate going to a space that is not only super fun for the kids but also calm and relaxing for parents.

I find that a lot of both indoor and outdoor play areas tend to be quite crowded which means with 3 kids my brain is spinning trying to keep track of their location in the midst of the crowd and hyper-ness going on. With Totsville, I was able to sit down and watch my kids without being so stressed out.

Looking for a fun Indoor playground in Maryland for kids? a kid friendly play area in Baltimore, Maryland? Check out Totsville Indoor Playground

Its located in Glen Burnie, MD and the location has a decent amount of parking however I would warn that when we went on a Friday mid-day, we did not find parking close to the location and had to circle round twice till someone pulled out. However, if you are willing to walk just a bit, there is ample parking space.

I have been here twice with my kids and loved it. When you get in, you are asked to fill out a waiver and one great thing is if you have filled it out previously it can find your email and use the previous information while you check off who is with you for this new session, what a huge time saver!

They have a couple of shelves to store your shoes and other items and then a snack area by the entrance. There was also no long line to wait which was great. Also, since it’s an indoor playground, socks are required and available for sale there.

How much does it cost to visit Totsville?

First child $12.50

Sibling $11

Under 11 months $7

Extra person (3rd and more) $10

Parents: Free

Where is it located?

7497 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie MD 21061

Play hours

Monday to Thursday: 9:30am to 7pm

Friday to Sunday: 9:30am to 8pm

Birthday packages and specials are also available.

When we went, the staff were super friendly, one of them even came over to entertain my daughter and a few other girls playing in the toddler area. This definitely put a smile on my face as I did not have to worry about entertaining them.

This playground is divided into 3 sections: the toddler area, the jungle gym, sandbox and the open play space.

Toddler area

The toddler area contains a huge ball pit, Slides, play blocks and a banana swing and is meant for little kids which is great as it creates a safe space for little kids or even crawlers to move around freely.

Jungle gym

Next you have the jungle gym for older toddlers. It contains slides, ball blasters, crawl tunnels, obstacle courses and Rodeo. The jungle gym kept my daughter entertained for a long time, I even snuck in a few times to play as well.


Totsville Indoor Playground features an indoor sandbox with dimensions of 20ft by 20ft and filled with silica-free sand. Its in an enclosed space away from the rest of the play area. I love that its sort of separate from everything else to avoid sand pouring around.

A few parents also went there with their babies to enjoy some quiet and private space. The sandbox is a sock free area and also has beach buckets and other toys to give you a real beach feel for your kids. They also try not to exceed about 20 kids at a time in the sandbox.

Looking for a fun Indoor playground in Maryland for kids? a kid friendly play area in Baltimore, Maryland? Check out Totsville Indoor Playground

Open play area

Finally, there is the open play area which has the open area, building blocks, rainbow bridge. Unlike the last time I went, there was now a ball pit for older kids which is awesome!


As far as amenities go, they have sitting and dining areas plus a K-cup coffee maker to keep you alert while watching your kids lol, and a microwave. They really try to encourage you to consume the snacks and drinks they have rather than bringing in your own food. They have 2 restrooms that have changing tables for the kids.


For birthdays, Totsville has a couple of great options that include play time, party room with food and drinks.

Overall, I highly recommend Totsville All day Indoor playground as a fun indoor play area to take your little ones or even slightly older toddlers. It’s definitely a great energy buster to burn your kids energy in time for bed lol.

Have you been to Totsville indoor playground? What were your experiences?

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